Ettiquette towards your wedding suppliers

July 24, 2014

In a “perfect world” ones wedding will only happen, hopefully for the majority of us, once in a lifetime, and YES this is pretty much a big deal.

Yes, we pay a whole lot of attention to all the details, micro analyzing each aspect with a fine tooth-comb. And yes we are allowed to partake in the infamous role of “Bridzilla” at least once during the planning process.

Yet through all this excitement you as a bride need to keep in mind that it takes an army of men to build an empire, just like it did with the pyramids. The people involved with making sure your wedding is the dream you’ve imagined it to be from the start of planning to the very end; when your lying on your honeymoon bed wondering how it all flew by so fast. Your trusted and carefully selected suppliers are essentially the sticky tape to Mission Wedding.

Your chosen suppliers are the most important individuals within your wedding, besides you and the groom; and moms; and dads; and…well you get what I mean. Each supplier has their own significant role to play, and sometimes its just nice for you to let them know they are appreciated.

As much as we as suppliers have chosen the wedding industry as our professions, and understand just how vigorous the job description is, we sometimes wish we could just have one normal week, where on Friday we know for certain we have Saturday and Sunday to laze around on the couch. So here is some advice for all you ladies out their to assist with making sure that as much as your suppliers are working hard at keeping you happy, from your planner, photographer, videographer, entertainer and even your dress maker, you are returning the favor by keeping them happy with a little bit of old fashioned TLC:

  • Allocate a drinks tab for them consisting of, soft drinks, Juice and water, preferably bottled as we tend to be on our feet most of the time (water does wonders, especially if we have been running around all day long)

  • Allocate a meal table for them to take a break. Provide them the dignity of sharing with you your chosen menu for the night. Sharing an experience from one of our suppliers recently at a wedding; she was handed a plastic packet with food in it “for the day”, now that’s not very nice!?!

  • Constantly keep them informed on your needs and don’t change what you have signed off in your schedule. If something does change, which most likely something will, let your main source of contact between everyone know, so that they can filter through the message of change accordingly.

  • At the end of the night while you are saying your thank you speech…send them a shout out. Most of us really love what we do and each couple is as dear to us as our own weddings. A meer Thank You in your speech lifts our spirits at a time when we are almost ready to fall over and sleep…;-)

  • After all is said and done, everything is packed away and your finally back from your uber romantic Honeymoon send them a “Thank you note, if you can a small gift, as well as a testimony. We as suppliers are only as great as our last function, allowing us to share your experience with future brides helps our business grow stronger as we continue to do what we love.

So I do hope I have helped you understand why spreading the love towards your suppliers is not only for their benefit, but also for yours. Love them, hug them, poke them if you have to, after all they have been assisting you with your dream wedding for, most of the time, up to a year, so technically they REALLY Need it!

Happy Planning!

Written by Palesa Mafate and edited by Candace Allan

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