15 Things Every Bride Should Know.

July 24, 2014

The moment he finally popped the question you’re head began racing with child-hood fantasies of how, when, where and what your wedding is going to look like.. You dashed off to the nearest book stall and bought every wedding magazine your eyes met on the shelves; googled anything that linked to the word wedding; opened up a gazzilllion boards on Pintrest (such an addiction that site is) and followed every wedding blog imaginable. Yet taking in all the beautiful inspiration has clouded your vision at making sure you don’t forget the most important aspects of planning your wedding.

I have placed together 15 things every bride should keep in mind while planning you’re perfect day (I know right, 10 of this 8 of that....things to never/always cant live with out doing); anyhoo, here they go….

  1. Be Sure to insure your ring.. You spent countless hours procrastinating over what your final design is going to look like; what type of a cut diamond your going to go with or for some of us who are lucky choosing the size of that very precious stone. All this places lots of sentimental value to your ring, yet life does happen and you need to protect yourself for the worst, so always make sure you place some insurance behind your master piece before you

    1. Lose your ring;
    2. The stone falls out or
    3. (the situation we all dread) It gets stolen.

  2. Test Drive Your Directions. We once had this huge blunder with one of our previouse clients weddings, where the directions on the invitation card were incorrect, which resulted in a wedding starting three hours later than scheduled as everyone, including the bride got lost! so Before you even consider printing and mailing your wedding invitations with direction cards, to your ceremony and reception locations, make sure they’re both clear and correct. Ask a few people who don’t know how to get to your venues to test them out, since presumably, you know how to get there and may not read the directions as closely as you should. Should your venue be a destination venue, ask you wedding planner (which if your doing a destination wedding having a wedding planner is a definit must) or ulternativly ask someone you may know in the area to test them for you.
  3. Remember to Re-Register Again and Again. After you register for a gift Registry, items usually will soon disappear from your wish list as for one people purchase them, or the store perhaps runs out of stock or discontinues certain items. To ensure your guests can easily find gifts that you want or need, make sure your registry is fully-stocked at all times. Add items to your registry about the time invitations go out.
  4. Picking the perfect Color Palette. A simple (and free) way to decide on your wedding’s colors is to visit a local paint store and collect paint chips. Take them home, lay them out on a white surface and group the colors you like together. Play with them. You’ll soon see there are certain colors you’re gravitating towards. Take your favorites to your florist to help make the final decision. Nature is also a great way to get inspired, if nature has placed certain colours together, you can bet they will be stunning to use at your wedding.
  5. Avoid a Dance Floor mishap.Avoiding a Dance Floor mishap Before your first turn on the dance floor, ask one of your bridesmaids to take a second to score the soles of both the bride and groom’s shoes. Its simple, all you do is Take a scissor or sharp knife and carve several lines both horizontally and vertically into the heel and/or sole. If the dance floor has recently been waxed, an unscored shoe can lead to a disastrous slip and fall.
  6. LAST MINUTE PLANNING A NO NO. When people get overwhelmed, they tend to put things off. And that is why many brides TEND TO SPEND A lot of time procrastinating! Use your engagement to your advantage and get things done, even if it is a little bit at a time. Plan ahead, and take care of the major things way in advance so that if there is a problem, you will have plenty of time to deal with and fix it! Things such as your venue selection and dress should be the first items on your list of to do’s to tackle.
  7. Don’t forget to consult your groom. As exciting as weddings can be One of the most common mistakes of wedding planning is when brides-to-be become too controlling. Remember– it is your fiance’s wedding day too! Men act like they don’t care, but they actually do– and they SHOULD on the most part! They probably won’t be too interested in the selection of flowers and flower colors or whether or not you curl your hair, but there are certain things that they will want to be informed or included in. they should be at least partly involved in the wedding planning process. This is also a great testimony to your relationship as most of the time planning your wedding will challenge each others tastes and opinions on certain life challenges.
  8. Stick to your budget. A lot of brides tend to overspend without even realizing it. In the passed I have seen wedding budgets triple over the course of an engagement. Remember, you do NOT want to start your marriage off broke or have your parents sell their house for your dream day. Think ahead, and make sure you won’t need the money to buy a house, car, or pay your bills before you spend it.
  9. Payment plan. PAYMENT planning your wedding will need sufficient amount of CASH. Establish who pays for what. This is usually worked out between the couple and their families. Also spend a few minutes developing a BUDGET for your wedding -- know how much you have to spend and what you want to spend it on. Don't forget to include costs for your honeymoon, as well.
  10. Game Plan For the Bambino’s. I myself love kids and have two of my own, but as cute and innocent as they are I know you won't want them disrupting the ceremony or reception. Have a plan to keep the little ones at their best. Perhaps look at having an usher hand out coloring books and crayons. At mealtime, seat little ones with their parents so they'll be in top form while eating. If lots of kids will be attending, setting up a nearby room with games, craft supplies, and DVDs with some pop corn (kids love popcorn!) guarantees that they'll have a good time during the reception, or even during the ceremony. They for one will definitly appreciate it, andwill their eternally grateful parents.
  11. Making The Bar as much of a feature as the rest of your venue/decor. Honestly, most of the time The bar is a spot where the majority of your guests will probably spend a significant amount of time at, which is precisely why it's a great place to personalize by maybe adding a burst of color, which will ultimately boost the look of the room and avoid having the bar area resemble that of a black hole.
  12. DO NOT go with a cheap photography. After your wedding ends, the only things you’ll have left are your memories and your photos. Make sure to talk to your photographer about whether they will have one or two assistants, which usually depends on the size of your wedding. be sure you have scheduled your photographer for enough time. You don’t want your photographer to head out right after the toasts and miss the dancing or end up staying longer and mailing you a jaw dropping overtime bill after you’ve come back from your toes in the sand! Dream honeymoon.
  13. Have someone who knows both sides of the family close by. When it comes to your family photos have someone who knows most of the people you would like to take photos with assist the photographer as brides tend to forget that the photographer has no clue what “tannie marie” or “oupa stoep” looks like!
  14. The Tux. Consider purchasing the grooms tux instead of renting as usually it tends to work out costing the same, and once bought he will have it for a lifetime, perhaps he even walks your daughter down the isle in the same tux, you never know! Persuid him to purchase something that suits his personality, even if its slightly less traditional thank the 60's penguin suit.
  15. Taking it all in Be sure to take a 15 minute time out with your now “hubby” to take everything in. After spending countless hours preparing for your day be sure you get to see it all in person and admire the beauty before all your guests walk in. you will be surprised at how much you really love each other while you reflect on it all! After that work hard at having a good time!

Written by Candace Allan

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